About Me - Driftless Waters Photography

I did not discover photography. Photography discovered me. I’ve always been a technical, take-it-apart-and-put-it-back-together-even-better kind of guy. Creative? Certainly not in the traditional sense, though I think this is something I secretly craved. It all changed one Christmas Eve a few years ago, when I opened a festively wrapped package from my wife. A camera. I was inexplicably captivated with the science, art, application, and practice of recording light. Creative and technical at the same time, the perspectives through which I could view my surroundings became infinitely diverse based simply on the angle of my lens, shutter speed, time of day, and even my mood. I was drawn to landscapes, waterscapes, and wildlife. I found my purpose – my creative outlet. The beauty of this region is undeniable, and I have been blessed to call this driftless region “home.” This is the inspiration behind DriftlessWaters Photography. While landscape and wildlife photography will always be my first creative love, the addition of portrait and sports photography has been immensely gratifying, and I thoroughly enjoy working with my clients. From the very first contact through product delivery, every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship that transcends a particular moment in order to capture memories to last a lifetime.

~Judd Stanislawski

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